One Pissed-Off Artist Made an App to Scam Spotify's Royalty Payments

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For as much love as Spotify gets from customers, it draws equal hatred from musicians, who are consistently unhappy with the tiny amount of revenue generated by streaming music. But as the Silicon Valley proverb goes: if you don’t like it, just code an automated app to optimize the problem away (and get paid in the process).


New York-based act Ohm & Sport came up with Eternify, a Spotify app that continually plays 30-second clips from any artist’s back collection. It’s a shit way to listen to music, but fantastic for the artist — Spotify pays rights-holders each time a user listens to a track, and the service considers a listen to be anything longer than 30 seconds. So by using Eternify, you can effectively send money to an artist of your choosing.

Based on Spotify’s published rates (around $0.006 per stream), it should take a little over an hour to gift one dollar to your artist of choice, so don’t give up the day job yet. But since a Spotify premium membership costs $10 a month, the economics would work out badly for Spotify if this ever went truly mainstream.

Understandably, the company isn’t wild about the new idea — it told the BBC it’s currently looking into Eternify to see if the app is in breach of the terms of service (which it almost undeniably is). So, you can probably expect to see the app go the same way as the previous, less hi-tech effort to scam Spotify out of money.




What’s with this sense of entitlement that artists feel ?? Fucking ridiculous. We get it. It’s tough being an artist. You wanted an easy life? Should have become an accountant. Wanted to make a guaranteed big pay cheque every month? Spend 8 years in school and become a doctor.

But no, you CHOSE to be a musician. You get the good AND the bad. You don’t want to be on spotify? Pull your catalogue. You hate the little pittance you get? Talk to your record label. But no, artists say it’s necessary to be on spotify because it gets your name out there. Then consider the money you get a bonus. Spotify didn’t hold a gun to your head to become an artist. Or for you to be on their service.

Do you see cops and fire fighters robbing banks because they should be paid more? No they don’t. They chose the life. They knew the downside. And if they do rob a bank, well it’s a criminal act.

Stop feeling so entitled artists. All my artist friends tell me most of the money an artist makes is from touring. So go on tour. Stop considering streaming as your major source of income. Stop feeling entitled As if being an artist is just soooo tough and such a public service you HAD to do it for the sake of humanity.