One-Third of Windows Users Still Use XP

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Are you a Windows user? Are you amongst the 32.8% of those using Windows XP? I have one question to ask: Why?


We knew 52% of desktop PCs still run XP, but what about all PC users? The Next Web says that while usage of Windows 7 has risen from 28% to 46%, Windows XP usage has still stayed high, going from an even more mind boggling 45% to its current 33%. Also, LOL at nobody using Vista anymore. [TheNextWeb via Geekosystem]

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XP at work and Win7 at home. We haven't switched at work because we're still working on porting our in-house written point of sale and inventory programs. XP still works fine for now but it will get to a point where you won't be able to find drivers for new hardware.