Only 50% iPhones Have Been Synced At Least Once

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This is a crazy figure: 50% of the iPhones brought to Genius bars have never been connected to a computer. Ever. I don't know about you, but I can't understand how people can live without synching between devices or backing up.


Since the Genius bar is what most people use to service their iPhones, I'm going to assume that this is representative of the whole iPhone population. If former Macworld Associate Editor David Chartier's source is right and this percentage is real, iCloud will not only be cool. It will be a potential savior for half of the iPhone users. [onefps]


I really don't see the issue with syncing your phone. I don't do it daily, but when I do, just before bed, plug it into charges over night and syncs. Not complicated at all.

Also these are iPhones coming to their support area. Maybe that's part of the reason they need support. I've definitely noticed that syncing my phone regularly really helps it run smoother over time. If I go several weeks I notice the animations being not quite as smooth, a little quickness going away, presumably because it has to keep up with what it does have to sync next time. After syncing, it goes back to smooth and happy.