Starting this summer, OnStar will become the electronic version of nervous parents in the back seat of a teenager's car, providing drivers with an opt-in program that will evaluate their driving over a 90-day period. Once complete, it will not only give drivers an objective assessment of their skills behind the wheel and tips on how to drive better, it could also lead to cheaper premiums and rates with Progressive Insurance.


The program is completely optional, and the assessment, which reveals how a motorist performed against other participants using various driving metrics, is completely anonymous. However, drivers can choose to share their performance data with insurance companies like Progressive, the first to participate in this program, which could lead to discounts and cheaper rates. The discounts aren't guaranteed, though, given the other criteria used for calculating insurance rates. But the potential for even a tiny bit of savings could certainly make participation worthwhile.

The smart driver assessment program will be available to all 2016 GM vehicles, most of the carmaker's 2015 lineup, and select models from 2014 and 2013—and only in the US. But there's no word on how OnStar is ensuring the person behind the wheel during that 90-day assessment is the vehicle's primary driver. So expect to see Hollywood precision driving specialists offering their services for three months to drivers hoping to save a few bucks on their car insurance. [OnStar]

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