Onyx Equinox's First Trailer Teases an Epic Battle Between the Aztec Gods and Humanity

Scenes from Onyx Equinox.
Image: Crunchyroll

Though Izel, the young boy at the center of Crunchyroll’s new anime-inspired series Onyx Equinox, has little faith in the rest of humanity, his untimely death prompts the gods to step in and fundamentally alter the course of his life. Whether Izel likes it or not, the gods are at war, and the world’s mortals need a champion to protect them from the storm that’s yet to come.


Created by Sofia Alexander, Onyx Equinox will be Crunchyroll’s first series to center Latinx characters with a specific focus on ancient Aztec culture and mythology. As the latest wave of otherworldly demons attacks the world, Izel gradually comes to understand that he’s been chosen to become humanity’s defender and wield a magical dagger that seems to transform when he exposes it to his blood.

Sumptuous as the trailer’s visuals are, it doesn’t really give away all that much of the series’ plot, which is likely for the best, as Onyx Equinox looks like it might be the kind of adventure you want to go into fresh and ready to be stunned.

Onyx Equinox will premiere on Crunchyroll some time this summer.

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