Oops! A Phone Number on a Toy Truck Turned Out to Be a Sex Line

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A Grandma gifted a Mattel Matchbox toy truck to her 3-year-old grandson because like most 3-year-old boys, he loved playing with trucks. Unbeknownst to both of them though, the phone number painted on the truck directed to a sex line.


As a joke, Jan Barnett, the grandma, called the phone number 1-800-FAST-TOW and was shocked to hear a sultry voice on the other end say this:

"Hey there sexy guy. Welcome to an exciting new way to go live...

And so on. Yup, it was a phone number for a sex line. Mattel said they weren't aware of the problem because when the toy truck was manufactured (in 2000), the phone number wasn't owned by anybody. Their new policy is to prohibit any phone numbers on toys to prevent awkward situations like this from happening. Which is sad! They're robbing a whole generation of kids from having accidental fun! [11Alive]

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