ooVoo: Video Chat With A Dozen Friends at a Time

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Skype might be the proxy video chat service for a lot of people, but it only supports 10 call participants at a time. ooVoo, on the other hand, lets you have a massive conversation with 12 people at a time.

What does it do?

It connects with Facebook to let you host conversations with as many as a dozen participants simultaneously, via text message or video or voice call.


Why do we like it?

oVoo gives you tons of methods to connect with people. You don't even have to be an ooVoo member to use the service. You can simply connect with one of your social media accounts, and your friends don't even have to have the app downloaded—they can talk to you through the ooVoo web portal. The best part? It works across all platforms—Android, iOS, and PC. [ABC]



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The Best:

Chat on any platform

The Worst:

Most people use Skype