Open Channel: Pick a Marvel Hero to Headline a Future Holiday Special

What Marvel hero is interesting or fun enough to star in a holiday one-shot?

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Amongst the cinematic and television hits that made up the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 2022 output, the megafranchise got into the holiday spirit with a pair of one-hour specials. The Guardians of the Galaxy headlined the recently released Christmas special, while Werewolf by Night kicked things off with one for Halloween, and it’s reasonable to assume that future specials are in various stages of conception as we speak. Given that Marvel is slowly but surely making its way back into animation, there’s a solid chance that some of those specials, when they release, will wind up being animated rather than live action.

At this point, the MCU has long become a cultural institution, and the releases for its films certainly count as holidays in and of themselves. The two specials released so far give us an idea of what we could reasonably expect from upcoming installments: some specials will feature some legacy characters getting up to shenanigans, others will introduce a specific character and supporting cast for audiences to be introduced to. And this is only mentioning single-day holidays; Marvel Studios may take a page from the Marvel Voices anthology comics and release a special for the celebratory month of a particular minority group.

The MCU has a large roster of characters that grows on a pretty regularly basis, and there’s plenty of holidays for Disney to make worthy of a seasonal one-shot. With that in mind, for this week’s Open Channel, we want to know what Marvel character you would choose to star in a hypothetical holiday special. It can be a legacy MCU character, it can be someone who hasn’t gotten the headline boost that you think they deserve, or a wholly new person that could make their MCU debut through this.


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