Open Channel: Who Do You Want to Be the Next Member of the X-Men, Anyway?

It’s gonna get real awkward when Forge starts making up claims of voter fraud.
It’s gonna get real awkward when Forge starts making up claims of voter fraud.
Image: Marvel Comics

It seems like only yesterday that Marvel Comics enlisted your help for picking the next member of that vaunted group of mutant superheroes, the X-Men. As you might remember, the candidates available for you to vote for aren’t quite the most well-known X-characters. (Those polls numbers above are current, for the record.) So we thought, who would you most like to see added to the roster of the X-Men?


We’re expanding the candidates to every mutant on earth with a few exceptions. Although we don’t know who’s in Marvel’s next group of X-Men yet, we know ours: Cyclops, Marvel Girl (a.k.a. Jean Grey), Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, and Beast. Also off-limits are Professor X and Magneto, because they’re busy running the Krakoan Council at the moment.

We’re taking them off the board so hopefully you can feel free to choose your favorite X-person, no matter who, and no matter the reason. Do you find their powers fascinating? Do they need a chance at redemption? Do you think they could be the star of the X-Men’s next great adventure? Or are they Strong Guy, and you just really like Strong Guy? Tell us who and why in the comments.

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I am disappointed there is not more love for Boom Boom, very casual comic fan but I did love boom Boom in xmen evolution