Like soccer, swimming and women's gymnastics, I only care about what's going on in our government and what's happening in the world of politics every four years. This year happens to be one of those years. But don't be like me! Care more! Pay attention. Open States in app for people who care about our government.

What does it do?

For fans of the government's inner workings, Open States is an app that keeps you up to date with, well, the government's inner workings. You can read bills being considered and find out how far along they are in the legislative process. Even better, you can see where the politicians are standing on each issue and more.


Why do we like it?

Open States is a completely approachable yet still informative look at what our government is actually doing. They're not always wearing power suits and shaking hands, you know? Like you know how pundits and talking head always cite a politician's voting history? You can actually look up the legislator's voting history yourself! Interested in stuff that deals with your state? Search for it. Open States is a seriously great tool for anyone interested in our country.

Open States

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