OpenIt Promises to Shred Evil Plastic Shell Packaging

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The days of cut hands and busted scissors at the hands of the ubiquitous no-one's-getting-the-merchandise-locked-inside-this-sarcophagus plastic anti-theft packaging might be at end courtesy of OpenIt, which are like short pruning shears with orange plier handles, allowing you to cut your way through the shell by brute force.

There's also a retractable box-cutter built into the handle—supposedly designed in a way you won't accidentally slice your hand open while freeing an Xbox 360 controller from its confines. It comes in four different colors, and at $11, it's cheaper than re-appropriating a Craftsman Handi-Cut or the like. [OpenIt via core77]

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I've had this thing for 2 years now (got it at Home Depot), it actually works nicely. Packaging is indeed a blister package, but it says it'll be the last one you ever struggle with.