OpenMoko Neo Freerunner Pricing Details Surface

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The OpenMoko Neo Freerunner has been in the making since before the Jurassic period, but it looks like official word has now been released regarding the final pricing details. The Linux based cellphone will retail at $399 for a single unit and $3690 for a pack containing ten handsets.


Currently, the OpenMoko fellows have received back their first production verification test devices and they are busy making the necessary tweaks to the hardware / software. As for a release date, we've been promised more details concerning distribution will be forthcoming in the "next few days." I'm kinda itching to try one of these out, but it looks like we'll all be waiting a little bit longer. We'll keep you posted on any developments. [OpenMoko]

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No, it doesn't run the Android test builds, because they are compiled for ARM5, and the Openmoko is ARM4. It is possible the final version of Android will be available for ARM4, then it should be relatively easy to port, as both Android and Openmoko are open source for the most part.