OpenPeak OpenTablet 7 Looks Like a Cut Above Cookie Cutter

OpenPeak's OpenTablet 7 made its debut yesterday as part of AT&T's parade of emerging devices announcements. It's still a ways off from launching, but according to Engadget's hands on, it looks like it could be a standout device.

Despite a lackluster keyboard and a UI that's still in development, the OpenTablet 7 at least looks like a winner. It's got Intel's next-generation, 1.9GHz Moorestown processor running the show and a 1080p front-facing camera, along with HDMI out and a microSD slot.


What's most interesting is that OpenPeak has decided to go it alone on apps. They claim to have "thousands" of apps already developed for its platform, but we won't know until launch exactly how many there are, or how enticing they might be.

Still, they've got plenty of time to make apps happen and to fix up any nagging UI or hardware problems. And having Moorestown under the hood makes it automatically worth our attention. [Engadget]

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