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Opera Now Has a Totally Free and Unlimited Built-In VPN

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Dodging firewalls and masking your IP address usually requires firing up separate—often paid-for—software or plug-ins while you’re browsing. Now, though, Opera has its own free VPN baked right into the desktop browser.

The new feature is available in the latest developer version of the Opera browser for Windows or OS X. You just go to Settings on Windows or Preferences on a Mac, then toggle the VPN on in the Privacy & Security section. Bingo, you’re browsing over a virtual private network and you mask your IP address to dodge firewalls so that you can view content that you’re unable to from your current country or office. As well as all the other responsible things that a VPN can help you with.


You can chomp through an unlimited amount of data for free using the feature, though currently you can only choose virtual locations in the US, Canada and Germany. Opera says that by the time the feature appears in the stable public release there will be more countries available.

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