Oprah Gives Flip Ultra Cams to Everybody in Audience, Joins Those Hepcats on YouTube

Oprah, that generous talk show host who no longer needs a last name, stooped down to YouTube to join up with the great unwashed yesterday, and to commemorate the occasion she gave away a $150 Flip Ultra camcorder to everybody in her talk show audience. Check out her condescending peptalk to YouTubers in the video above, promoting her show on which YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, whom Oprah says "don't go out much," appeared.

To show how easy it is to use the Flip Ultra, she took it with her backstage after the show, shooting lots of shaky cam video that gives us an idea of what it's like to be stared at by everyone in the room, all wondering if you're going to give even a small part of your $2.5 billion to them. Fascinating. Welcome to the 21st century, Oprah! She's the equivalent of Steve Jobs to soccer moms everywhere. This must mean YouTube has officially arrived, or on the other hand, maybe it's jumped the shark...? [Oprah on YouTube]


Can't help but wonder how much of the 'Oprah hate' comes from some built in resistance to the idea of 'some one like her' being so rich and successful in a way that can't comfortably fit stereotypes.

Even more upsetting, just when she was 'acceptable' she went out and gave a ton of money to a school in South Africa, reminding people again that not only was she 'someone like her' but that she was proud of it a heritage most expected her to reject as a price for being 'acceptable' — and galling is that she had the money to do it.

Therefore she is 'disturbing' — and rather than really examine why a person like her, successfully heading her own business 'empire,' rich and unselfconscious (and not rapping, playing sports, dancing in tiny clothing), is so upsetting, such an affront to the mind, people make up reasons to dislike her.

But really, why is she so bad compared to others? She isn't the only rich person, isn't the only person who can wield her financial/professional power, etc. Must be the idea that 'some one like her' can do this....