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Oprah's Favorite iPad Apps

Illustration for article titled Oprahs Favorite iPad Apps

Oprah is a big iPad fangirl. Such a fangirl, in fact, that she bought one iPad for each of her magazine's staffers. She's also a big iPad applications buyer. These are her favorite iPad apps:

Talking at the annual American Magazine Conference, Oprah said that she uses her tablet to be on top of news, mainly using the CNN and ABC News app—the latter because she loves its 3D globe interface (I highly recommend your NPR, Ms. Winfrey).


She is also a fan of Brushes and Sketchbook Pro, which she uses to draw whatever she has in mind.

But her #1 favorite app? Scrabble. She loves to play Scrabble while listening to music while she's on the treadmill. [Ad Age]

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Daw now iy-isn't that speshul? Stoo-wart, whadaya say to the nice lady, sweet-haart?

iPad sounds like hoohoo covers