Optimus Prime is even blockier than usual made out of Lego

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Lego enthusiast Angus MacLane might be more known for his lovely Cube Dude creations, but when he's not building those blocky designs, he's still making awesome Lego goodness, like this super-deformed Optimus Prime.

It's a great bit of work - Lego and 'chibi' are aesthetics that blend together perfectly, and MacLane certainly packs in a lot of detail in such a simple look as well - but it's all the more impressive considering it looks like it's actually got some articulation in there as well. The blockiness might not allow for much posing, but it's still cool that this is essentially a Lego action figure too. Looking at it, I'm almost sad that Hasbro have Transformers tied up in their Kreo line - I bet Lego could do some pretty interesting things with the license.


You can check out plenty more of MacLane's Lego work on his Flickr Accounthere.

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