Too bad the beautiful Ora—a watch that uses a pseudo-measuring tape to display time—is just a concept. Not only it satisfies my visual appetite, but my do it yourself cravings and other sizing needs.


According to the creator:

Ora concept is a study on the field of haute horlogerie. It focuses on the display of time via an unconventional mode, by replacing the expected dial arrangement found in the vast majority of the mechanical watches with a set of three interwoven tapes—one to indicate the hour(s), one to indicate the minute(s), and one to indicate the day.

The arrangement of the indications derived from the aspiration to demonstrate in a bold and dramatic way the passage of time. The design of the case reflects an "inside-out" design approach as it was the mechanism's arrangement that prescribed the overall form in an attempt to enhance its uniqueness and create a distinctive silhouette.


Translation from wankdesign language: "Kind of cool, huh?" [ via Yanko via Dvice]

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