Orange Is the New Black Season 2: The Best Thing on TV This Month

I binge-watched season one of Orange Is The New Black in 24 hours when it released on Netflix last year. Actually, make that 13 hours. I was hooked from pilot and literally didn't stop watching till the end of the final episode.

Season 2 is now out, so I know how I'm going to spend my Sunday night - right after Game of Thrones, that is.


Within the claustrophobic setting of a fictional women's prison in upstate New York, Jenji Kohan creates a world filled with strong, FANTASTIC characters with deep back stories. Here is the plot line in a nutshell if you somehow missed it despite the saturation coverage: A crime she committed 10 years back catches up with quintessential New York girl, Piper Chapman. Piper gets a 15-month sentence, and along the way learns that in prison, no relationships are permanent.

Piper's journey from from wide-eyed damsel-in-distress to prison-hardened badass will put you through a range of emotions I bet you haven't felt since Breaking Bad. Be warned: the show is explicit, with lots of casual nudity some violence and lesbian sex. But oh, the writing, the writing, the writing! [Netflix]

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