Orange You Glad Advertising's Going Eco-Friendly?

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For Tropicana juice's latest ad campaign, they went back to basics and filled billboards with hundreds of oranges, the acid of which generated enough electricity to light up the billboard.


Advertising agency DDB may've wasted dozens of perfectly-good oranges, but in using the copper and zinc spikes to harness the acidic electrochemicals inside the oranges, they got their message across tastefully, environmentally-friendly, and creatively. [DDB via Coolest Gadgets via Inhabitat]

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My count gives two sides with 24 oranges across x 41 oranges high with probably around 3x41 for each edge for a total of about 1,968 + 246 = 2,214 oranges .

Whether or not using over 2,200 oranges in place of a few hundred watts of electricity is actually environmentally friendly or not I will leave to someone with more knowledge than I. It is certainly clever and a good attention draw.