Orci Talks Star Trek Aliens, Thor Casts An Old Man, And Crazy Rumors About Lost's Jacob

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Roberto Orci talks Star Trek 2, including a crewmember who may get fleshed out, and Thor gets a new star. Meanwhile, new Lost rumors could jeopardize your grip on televisual reality. Plus Doctor Who, New Moon, Vampire's Assistant and Fringe.


Star Trek:

Writer Roberto Orci answered fan questions on the Don Murphy message boards. Among other things: He and cowriter Alex Kurtzman won't let Scotty become a one-note joke. And he likes the Borg a lot, but also says you have to admire the Klingons' style. But the movie's script is "still a twinkle in our eye." Quick, let's start a rumor that the script is finished and it features Scotty become a Borg! [TrekWeb]


A Swedish news site is reporting that Skellan Skarsgard has joined this movie's cast in an unspecified role. At one point, his son Alexander was rumored to be up for the movie's lead. We already know Brian Blessed is Odin — so could this be another Norse god? [Ystads Allehanda via Cinematical]

New Moon:

The New Moon Illustrated Companion book is out, including some big spoilers. At the birthday party, Edward explains the history of the Volturi to Bella, her hand gets wounded, and he faces off with Jasper. The film has a big challenge showing Bella's depression after Edward leaves, so it conveys the passage of time by (no kidding) having Bella sit in her chair, and a camera circles around her while the seasons change outside her window. And Bella's clothes are linked to Edward's, color-wise, to show that she's devoted to him. And after Edward leaves, she stops taking care of her appearance. [Twilight Groupie]


The Vampire's Assistant:

John C. Reilly plays Larten Crespley, the ringmaster. And he says Crespley keeps mortals at arms' length because they grow old and die, while he stays young forever. But he's involved with Salma Hayek's character. [ShockTillYouDrop]



More Locke-Helen developments — the show was filming a scene where Locke drove up to Helen's house in a blue Chevy van in a wheelchair ramp. And an observer gathered that there was about to be an unpleasant scene between the two former lovers. [Hawaii Weblog]


Rumor has it that Jacob has a child — and it's one of these people: Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Juliet, Hurley, Locke, Michael, Ben, Bram, Desmond, Caesar, Ilana, Ben, Richard Alpert, or Sayid. Note: This is a rumor, it is something you read on the Internet with no source cited. On the other hand, so was the identity of the man in the coffin, until it turned out to be true. So, grain of salt and all that. [SpoilersLost]

Doctor Who:

Eyewitnesses at yesterday's filming suggest that the reason for Amy's ridiculous police costume is because she's taking part in a "hen night," or bachelorette party, in which everyone dresses up. And there are some set videos, in which the Eleventh Doctor squats down at one point and says something disparaging about humanity — they're at the link. [Paul Mount]



What's coming up on this show? Let Lance Reddick explain:

We've got a real page-turner of an episode coming up that's all about the Observers. And there's a whole episode about Broyles revisiting a case, a killer, that's the one that got away for Broyles. That episode introduces my ex-wife (Karen Holness) and talks about why we got divorced, and what my relationship with Fringe Division was in the past, versus what it is now.


[E! Online]


In episode six, we'll meet a big tough guy who has no lines, but he'll speak in future episodes, according to a casting call. [SpoilerTV]



In an upcoming episode, Sam and Dean go to a Supernatural fan convention. [E! Online]


Stargate Universe:

Here are some pics from Friday's episode, "Air Part 2". [SpoilerTV]


The title of episode 3x08 is "Chuck Vs. The Nose," according to writer Ali Adler on Twitter. [SpoilerTV]



Sure, Claire's roommate Gretchen seems to be getting kind of stalkery — and it gets more intense this coming week when the sorority girls come calling. But there's more to Gretchen than meets the eye, and the Greek system may actually be evil. [E! Online]




Quick, let's start a rumor that the script is finished and it features Scotty become a Borg!

Careful, internet rumors is how WWI got started.