Oregon Scientific Handheld Weather Forecaster

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In what could be described as something that looks like a MyFi but without the XM, Oregon Scientific's Handheld Weather Forecaster and Alarm clock makes going outside to see if it's raining a thing of the past (as if people did that any more anyway). For about $40 you get a handheld device that displays numerous weather-related facts on the unit's HiGlo illuminated LCD. Need to know the humidity so your hair doesn't look like Larry Fine's? What about the phase of the moon, so you don't accidently go outside and have the whole town running after you with silver bullets?

The Handheld Weather Forecaster sniffs out forecasts up to 24 hours in advance, while its animated icons will put a smile on your face even if the skies are gray. For those living in areas where severe weather is a problem, the severe weather alert indicator may prove to be a useful well beyond the $40 price tag. At only 2.25 x .5 x 3.5 inches, Oregon Scientific may have developed a portable weather forecaster that will become the hot fashion accessory for campers. Well, at least the techie ones.


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