Oregon Scientific Weather Hub Predicts the Weathery Future

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This little device from the weather junkies at Oregon Scientific is like bringing a desktop widget to real life. It has two circular displays that will display the current temperature and the upcoming temperature. It does the magic future-predicting with an internal barometer. I wish it included Wi-Fi or something to more accurately predict the weather over the net, but for $20 I'm not expecting much.

Product Page [Via Technabob]

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I believe I have something similar to this on my atomic clock. The fine print says that It doesn't actually predict weather. Rain means that weather will get worse quickly, but not that this will necessarily be rain.(although it usually is) Just like a big sun means weather will quickly improve, but not that it will necessarily be sunny.(although it usually will be) There's also a cloudy icon for mild weather etc. and different predictions for freezing temperatures. All in all, without the clock it's not really worth it, because it's nowhere near as accurate as even weather.com