Organic Bottled Water Is a Scam

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The next time you visit your local health food store, you may be confronted with some lovely looking organic bottled water. Take my advice, save your money and grab some water from the tap. You're better off.


It's not that organic water is bad for you, it's just that organic water is fake. It doesn't exist. Water is not organic. If you remember your high school chemistry, water is made of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. There is not and never will be a carbon atom inside a water molecule. It is inorganic. Even the USDA which regulates the labeling of food excludes water from its definition of organic materials.

That doesn't stop UK bottled water company Illanllyr from pimping its water as organic. Company representative Eric Ewell told NPR that the water "comes from our sources beneath certified organic fields in west Wales in the UK" and "has never been tainted with chemicals, making it organic as it as it emerges from the ground."

That sounds wonderful, but it's not correct. There may be organic materials floating in the water, but the water itself is not organic. This is just a slick marketing effort to fool you into buying something you don't really need. Don't fall for it, please. [Good and NPR]

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When foods are marketed as organic, it just means "natural". But it just sounds better. Marketing, man.

Meanwhile, most "organic" crap is not any better for you than non-organic (note I didn't say inorganic, as that's a different meaning altogether). In fact, it's worse, as you'll end up in poverty more quickly if you only ever buy organic.

It's like the "growth hormones in milk" argument: hormones are bad for you, so buy the milk that comes from cows we DIDN'T inject hormones into (for a few bucks more). Oh, yeah, and we forgot to tell you that the only other way to get cows to lactate is to use pregnant cows which, OH-GOD-NO!, naturally produce bovine growth hormones. For their babies. The same shit we told you you can't drink because we want you to buy our milk instead.

It's all scams. Scammy scam scams.

-IMP ;) :)