Back in July, Oscar Mayer teased us with an RC off-road version of its iconic Weinermobile that looked impossibly fun to drive. It was unfortunately a one-off creation that few got to play with, so to make up for that tease, Oscar Mayer has created an even smaller RC version you can finally buy.

Let that sink in for a minute. You can finally buy a drivable Weinermobile to call your own. What part of that sentence doesn’t sound amazing?


With a special compartment inside that’s only large enough to deliver two hot dogs, the Mini Wiener Rover is smaller and less ferocious than the one we saw tearing up picnic tables back in July, but still decidedly superior because you can actually own it.

It will be available for purchase for just $25 through the Oscar Mayer website starting today, but only in limited numbers and small batches. If you want to know when a new batch is being released, you’ll need to follow Oscar Mayer’s Twitter account which will be randomly tweeting “buy now” links from now until December 4.

You gotta work for it, but the best things in life never come easy. [Twitter - Oscar Mayer]


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