Our Apple iPhone Event Liveblog Is Right Here

The triple threat iPhone day is upon us, and boy does it feel like a lot of information. This year, it looks like Apple will announce three new iPhone models as well as a slew of other product upgrades. There’s also a strong chance that something or several things will involve the color gold.


The event begins on September 12 at 10am PST (1pm EST). Our own Alex Cranz will be liveblogging from the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, and I’ll be keeping up with the action from the gritty concrete corridors of Gizmodo headquarters in Manhattan. We’ll kick off the action here a few hours before that.

Once again, the iPhone rumors have been numerous and detailed in the months leading up Apple’s annual September hardware event. Expect a small, medium, and large version of the device, a new processor, and a bunch of other stuff, too. The Apple Watch will reportedly get a larger display and fewer physical buttons. The iPad might get Face ID and might lose its bezels. Tim Cook could tell a joke. Jony Ive almost surely will say something slowly, thoughtfully, and in a British accent. We might even learn more about AirPower, that charging pad that Apple has been threatening to release for a year now.

You can catch up on these and other rumors here, but as we close out another year of speculating about what Apple will do to its biggest product next, let’s all remember that the iPhone is now 11 years old. That means two more years before we get a teenPhone.

Senior editor at Gizmodo.