Our Apple Services Event Liveblog Is Right Here

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Illustration: Adam Clark Estes (Gizmodo)

Apple is having a new kind of big event at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino today. Will the company announce a new iPhone? Probably not. A new computer then? Nah. Perhaps a flying car? LOL. Is it a litany of new services that let you pay money to read magazines and watch Apple-made TV shows and stuff? Ding ding ding!


Based on the Hollywood star-studded guest list alone, everyone expects Apple to roll out a new stable of services that will add a paid subscription option to the Apple News app, a new streaming video service, and possibly even a subscription-based gaming service. It’s all services at Apple Park this spring, and it’s also the beginning of a new future for Apple.

The event gets started at 1pm EDT, 10am PDT. You can watch the event on Apple’s website here. And catch up on all the rumors here.

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