Our Favorite io9 Videos of 2018

Gif: Sam Woolley (Gizmodo Media Group)

It’s official: 2018 was the longest year of all time. Black Panther came out this year. Game of Thrones killed a dragon. Ready Player One did nothing for us. There was some Star Wars, there was some Spider-Man (ok, a lot of Spider-Man), we met Venom and memorized Aquaman’s abs, and had more Deadpool clips than minutes in the movie. Oh, and The Walking Dead is...still on. And it was io9's 10th birthday year!


We also doubled down on our excellent videos this year—and with that in mind, here are some of our favorites.

Creator of the Universe

First, we pay our respects to Stan Lee. Stan (and his wife Joan) helped form characters and storylines that changed the world of comics and encouraged people to punch Nazis. Stan, we salute you.

Do You Even Go Here?

This year we marked our 10th anniversary! To celebrate, Annalee Newitz and Charlie Jane Anders, the site’s founders, explained exactly what the hell an io9 is.

It’s Hammer Time

We’re pretty sure that Pepper Monster, a.k.a. Sarah Maefs, is a real-life embodiment of Thor—and would also make the most badass arts and crafts teacher of all time. Watch her recreate Thor’s Stormbreaker in this episode of Cos/Play.


Spidey Suits

There are so many suits in Spider-Man’s new video game, most people can’t even begin to explain them all. Luckily, io9's resident Spider-historian James Whitbrook can, and is here to walk you through all the suits that originate from the comic books.


The Golden Moral Compass

Fan Theory: C-3PO is the most important character in all of the Star Wars universe. Fight us in the comments.


Best Cosplay of NYCC 2018

This one sort of speaks for itself, but if there isn’t a weird techno track behind it, is it really a cosplay round-up video?


Best Cosplay of SDCC 2018

Spoiler: Better than NYCC. See Day 2 and Day 3, too.

Only The Good Die Extremely Young

You might think that everyone has already died on Game of Thrones. We basically thought that, too...until we realized that over 40 main-ish characters are still alive and well. So we threw cheese puffs at our faithful host Beth Elderkin while she determined who will live and who will die in Game of Thrones’ upcoming final season.


Don’t Leave Us Hangin’

This is how our list ends... OR IS IT?!

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Game of Thrones killed a dragon.

Close! That happened in 2017.

And it was io9's 10th birthday year!

Close! io9 died in 2015, a few years short of its 10th “birthday year”.