Our First Ever Batman v Superman Merchandise is, of Course, a Funko Pop

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I’ve frequently described Funko’s vast range of little Vinyl figures as a force that feels like it’s slowly consuming the entire toy world. Case in point? Our first ever look at merchandise for Batman v Superman, one of the biggest movies of 2016, and it’s of two adorably big-headed, vinyl toys of Batman and Superman.

The two figures are the final announcement of a list of San Diego Comic Con exclusives from Funko that includes thirty-six of the damn things—perhaps further emphasising the insanity of just how prevalent Funko’s toyline has become. But it’s noticeable as not just our first ever look at merchandise for the film, but also because said merchandise will be available almost a whole year before the film is out. That’s kind of extreme!


Also, that Batman has some golden strips on his Bat-Booties? And throws white Batarangs around? That’s pretty cool.

I will say though—despite being disappointed at the lack of Wonder Woman for a potential three-pack—I do like that these figures at least have a dynamic pose compared to the usual pop! style. When you have a sea of these similar looking figures, the neutral stance gets a bit boring after a while. Although Batman looks like he’s incredibly shocked to be throwing that Batarang, and less like “I’m gonna throw this batarang at your face because I am the Goddamn Batman”.


The Batman v Superman double set will be available at Funko’s San Diego Comic-Con booth next week, for an undisclosed price.

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