Our Holographic Future Will Debut In The Back Seat Of A Car

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Imagine being 8-years-old again and on a long car trip. Instead of whining "Are we there, yet?", you pick up a controller and play with your holographic animals. It sounds like science fiction, but it could be reality someday.


Researchers at the Games and Experimental Entertainment Laboratory (GEELab) in Australia are developing a holographic entertainment system for the car. The system will display 3D images for rear passengers who'll be able to interact with the images using a wireless controller much like the Kinect. Not just for games, the holographic system could be used to display travel information, maps, or even become a 3D virtual office.

The team is working with Audi and hopes to get a prototype up and working soon. [IEEE Spectrum; Image from Kzenon/Shutterstock]

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What kind of 3D? Parallax barrier? Active shutter? Passive polarized? Something new?

Please, God, let it be something new and closer to real holograms!