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Own a Piece of Design History With Braun's Re-Released ET66 Calc

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If Braun's ET66 calculator looks oddly familiar, like you've used it before, you probably have. Originally released in 1987, the ET66 shed the sliding switches of its predecessors, the ET22 released in 1976 and the ET44 released in 1978, and became an icon of product design. So much so that the iPhone's original calculator app was basically a rip-off of the ET66's design. As Steve Jobs liked to say: good artists copy, great artists steal.

And even though we now have quick access to calculators on our phones, Braun is re-releasing an official replica of the ET66 this year for those who want to own a piece of designer Dieter Rams' legacy. Specifics on pricing and availability haven't been released just yet, but you're going to be paying more for this thing because you're not just buying a calculator, you're buying a little slice of history. [Braun via Acquire]