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Paddington Bear Is A Disgusting Nightmare In His First Trailer

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Watch as our beloved, toggle-coated bear is reduced to toilet humor in the first-ever Paddington Bear trailer. But the dog part made us laugh.

For comparisons purposes, here's an original bathroom scene with Paddington. Note, there is no licking of personal ear wax.

However, the "grizzly" remark from the new trailer got a chortle out of me. That's the kind of dry, British wit I was hoping for in this film. And the dog scene is cute, so not all bad. Here's hoping there's more of those kind of laughs in this movie, and less "bear puts face in toilet" stuff.

Also (thankfully) Paddington looks a lot better than he did before, but his horrifying live bear face and creepy stance has already left its mark on the internet. We give you the Creepy Paddington Tumblr (hat tip to Observation Deck's Captain Max and JINX for pointing this out).