Illustration for article titled Palm Looking At Other Carriers; Faster, Snappier webOS 1.3.5 Update On Its Way Soon

Hark! Did you hear the heralded Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein confirm the webOS 1.3.5 update? It's on its way soon for all Pre and Pixi owners, and will gift a better battery life, more speed and stronger Wi-Fi.

The Ares app development program will of course mean thousands more apps will be available for download, and the 1.3.5 update will help with installing them. As well as talking about the webOS update, Rubinstein also gave hope to non-Sprint fans everywhere, commenting:


"We don't believe in building large portfolios of products. Our focus is around having a small family of really great products. Right now we have two great products in Pre and Pixi and our objective right now is to expand with more carriers and more regions."

They'll probably hold off on releasing update 1.3.5 until CES, where they're expected to announce something big. [PreCentral]

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