Palm's In-Browser App Factory Is Open For Business

The Ares pitch: a stupid-simple way for developers to crank out webOS apps for the Pre and the Pixi, without ever leaving their browsers. It looks like a clever concept; we'll have to see if it actually works. UPDATED


It works! I've never designed an app in my life, but that didn't stop me from creating a masterpiece in, like, four minutes.

As far as I can tell this is something like a full development SDK, insofar as the regular MojoSDK can be considered a full developement SDK. That is to say, while anyone with any development experience will have no problem creating apps with it—in fact, a layperson with a few spare afternoons could probably make something—they're still going to be of the same web-app-like caliber we've gotten used to in the App Catalog. Games, modal UIs, and a lot of the advanced features that make Android and iPhone apps shine are a little beyond Ares' reach, I think. Still, pretty cool stuff. [Palm]

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