Palm Pre's WebOS 1.2 Goes Live

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The 1.2 update just hit, and it's got a massive changelog to go with it. Among the more interesting changes are the new cellular download capability of Amazon MP3, and the ability to download a purchased app again for free.


What it doesn't do is open the door for paid apps in the App Catalog, which is still coming soon. You can now enter in your credit card info in case you can't wait that extra two minutes to buy apps when it does come.

There are also Bluetooth car kit compatibility improvements, Calendar tweaks, better email searching and photo syncing w/o using the original full-resolution files. The massive list of all the changes is over at Palm. [Palm via Prethinking]



I was thinking about upgrading to the Pre using one of the deals that have been posted over the last few days, except they all require a new contract.