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Palm Treo Pro Official

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This week's best kept secret just got official: The Palm Treo Pro is a Centro-sized Windows Mobile 6.1 phone (whither Palm OS?) with tri-band 3G, Wi-Fi and GPS with a 320x320 touchscreen, exactly like the recent Treo 800w. Powering the show is a 400MHz processor and 128MB of RAM. And yep, the proprietary Palm connector is ditched for micro-USB. Hurray for standards. They're selling it unlocked through the online store for $549 in the fall. [Palm]


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Damn it, Palm: You are embarrassing yourself! What are you thinking? Releasing $550 devices when you can pick up a BlackBerry 8830 for $100 at Verizon and an iPhone for $200 at AT&T? Yes, that is with a contract, but the point is that Palm would need to pay us to take their phone with competition like that.