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Palm Treo Pro Revealed (Lookin' Good)

Illustration for article titled Palm Treo Pro Revealed (Lookin Good)

Wow, check out the Treo Pro, previously thought to be the Treo 850. It's safe to say Palm is plunging ahead with the Centro's industrial design, but the stark (glossy?) black and white color scheme with the phone/end orbs make it slick, rather than kiddie cool. Unfortunately, the Palm OS (new or othewise) is nowhere in sight, just Windows Mobile. Here's a shot of the back, too:


Hard to tell how big it is-if it's Centro-sized or more like the Treo 800w, though it looks slightly more like the former in terms of design. [WM Experts]

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Obviously, Palm's new profit model is to rely on sales of replacement styli from people losing the originals after they fall out of the bottom of the phone.