Panasonic's GF1 Micro Four Thirds Appearing In Silver and "Pink Fairy" Colors

Illustration for article titled Panasonics GF1 Micro Four Thirds Appearing In Silver and Pink Fairy Colors

While new colorways aren't exactly our bag, we'll make an exception for the Panasonic GF1 just because it's so damned cool. It'll be available in silver and pink options from March 12th. [Panasonic via Akihabara News]


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I've noticed more higher end cameras with 'girl appeal' to them these days. Probably to lure girls away from mere point and shoot cameras to the prosumer markets. But if you were to ask me, some perv camera designer just wants more girls to take pictures of themselves when they engage in tickle fights. Case in point Ricoh CX 2 ( wouldn't it look great with black and beige?] If I were a girl, those girly colours would be a major selling point to me.