Pandora Really Wants Some Attention, Offers Ad-Free Listening For a Day

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Pandora is 10 years old and to celebrate, it’s holding “Listener Love Day.” Don’t worry, it just sounds creepy—it’s actually only a free pass to try out Pandora without commercials for a day.

The no-commercial listening day has already started and will be over at 12AM Eastern Time Thursday. But starting tomorrow, if you pay the internet radio company 99 cents it will give you a Pandora One Day Pass. The benefit of a Pandora ONE “free” pass is no commercials and a pocket full of skips—but you’re actually paying more than you normally would for the service.

Pandora bills ONE customers on a monthly ($4.99) or annual ($54.89) basis, and either option is technically less expensive than 99 cents for one day. But a dollar doesn’t seem like a lot. That’s why so many apps are sold for—basically—a dollar in various app stores: If the app sucks, there’s no buyer’s remorse.


But Pandora really needs everyone to overlook the technically higher cost for its One Day Pass because there’s an internet radio war going on right now—and it’s losing. As if competing with Apple wasn’t difficult enough already, Pandora also chose today of all days to try and gain some traction.


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But a dollar doesn’t seem like a lot.” For a Day.. too who?? This is like paying 1$-3$ for a single TV episode. Who the hell is buying this thinking it’s a good deal?

Disclaimer - This is coming from a guy who thinks Satellite radio is the biggest scam ever. $180 a year WTF.

This pay for only what you want stuff, sometimes seems to be more expensive than the all you can eat buffet of cable, and I don’t watch a lot of TV. (It’s more random watching than anything else.) I think this is why I spend hours on Youtube finding stuff.