Pandora's New Look Is Live for the Masses

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Pandora's HTML5-focused revamp is now live for all users. And it looks great, having streamlined just about all the features that you've come to love while adding some new social features.


Right from the jump, you'll notice things are much faster. Not just loading, but creating and controlling stations for your listening pleasure is much simpler and cleaner. You also get the option of creating a profile for the service, taking advantage of their already deep integration with Facebook (and maybe Facebook Music-ready?). And Pandora's giving you near-unlimited listening, getting rid of their monthly cap except for those who listen to an "abusive" 320 hours of music per month.


One small complaint is that the site still requires Flash for ads despite the switch to HTML5, and disabling it seems to break the site. Which is very annoying. Still, check it out. [Pandora]

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Facebook could learn from Pandora.

The new Pandora interface is simple, clean, good looking, and didn't need a bunch of little popups to tell you how to do everything you used to do.