Paper Furniture, Or Ostrich Egg Carton?

Illustration for article titled Paper Furniture, Or Ostrich Egg Carton?

If this furniture looks like a giant egg carton to you, well, that's only because it's supposed to.


By designers Dan Hochberg and Odelia Lavie, 'Pulp Furniture' is modeled after the strong but lightweight pulp spacers found in some packaging. So the components of this set of furniture are 100% paper (save for elements like the glass tabletop), yet they also have the rigidity to support dinner plates right along with your tush (that is only growing heavier as you finish what's on those dinner plates).

Cute and clever for sure, but there's nothing really wrong with the traditional wood table, is there? [Odelia & Dan via Inhabitat]



I won't mind a book case like this or maybe 'pigeon hole' shelves for documents for odds and ends in my storage rooms. Its a long held dream of mine to have pigeon hole shelves to organise warranties and bills because I can NEVER ever find them when I need them. For heavy usage furniture, I'd prefer something more durable. [Maybe I could put this furniture in my guest bedroom to make it as inhospitable as possible so that people don't get too comfortable :)[