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Paramount to Launch Video Clip Service Modeled on Ringtones

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Paramount is set to launch a new online video service called Paramount Clips that will deliver short movie clips of your choice for a fee, sort of like ringtones. Will it save the movie industry? Probably not!

With DVD sales lagging, Paramount is testing out this new service, first with business clients and later with consumers, that allows you to search for a line of dialogue, scene, genre, location or actor and get the specific clip you want. That clip comes with a variable fee, depending on the value of the movie in question (so, The Godfather would be pretty expensive) as well as the length of the clip. It's really designed more for companies who want to use a quick clip in, say, an ad campaign—good, because it doesn't really make sense for the consumer. The service should launch Tuesday, and prices are as yet undisclosed. [New York Times]