Parents of Balloon Boy Hit With $42,000 Fine

Illustration for article titled Parents of Balloon Boy Hit With $42,000 Fine

Ah, Balloon Boy. It happened barely two months ago, yet it already seems ready to show up on an I Love the 00s nostalgia-fest. Anyway, Balloon Boy's a-hole parents just got hit with a $42,000 bill for the stunt.


The tab covers the local, state and federal agencies that were called in to deal with the hoax, and seems kind of steep (do fire engines take some sort of special $10,000 per gallon gas or something?) but maybe there's a premium for captivating the nation with idiocy. However, the Heenes aren't about to pay the fine without a fight—their lawyer insists upon seeing precise documentation before paying a cent, which is reasonable. Let's hope this is the last we hear of poor, puking Balloon Boy until he writes his tell-all memoir in ten years. [Denver Post]


that isnt a lot for as long as that stunt took place, my buddy a couple years back got in a motorcycle accident and the heli-lift to the hospital which was all of a 10 minute ride costs $4000, luckily insurance covered it, but these people had tons of vehicles spanning a couple hundred miles for like a couple hours and that comes out to $42000