Parks and Rec's Vision of 2017 Is Full of Holoscreens and Drones

The year 2017: where everyone is two years older, skies are filled with drones, and Leslie Knope is President. Ok, maybe not that last one. But in season 7 of NBC's Parks and Recreation we'll know all the goings on of our favorite characters in the year 2017.

Aside from clear hat-tip to Amazon's drone delivery ambitions and some neat-o gesture-based tablet-glass-thing, the future pretty much looks like the present. I mean, Tom Haverford is now a mogul and Andy appears to have a TV show where small ninjas attack people, but it'll be interesting to see what other bits of future tech Parks' showrunners' dream up.


And let's leave flying cars out of this. I don't need to be disappointed again.

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