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Party Down is the greatest nerd TV series you never saw

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Party Down may be dead, but protagonist Roman DeBeer's psychotic scifi rants will live on forever. Tragically the show was just canceled, so we decided to compile the greatest hits from our favorite TV nerd.

The internet wept last week when Starz decided to cancel Party Down. We're ashamed to say we never saw it, but the outpouring of sadness about this show's cancellation inspired us to burn through seasons one and two on Netflix Instant Watch. Needless to say we were moved to hysterical tears by the sheer geeky asshole brilliance from one Roman DeBeers. Who could easily be the greatest TV nerd ever. Party Down might be dead, but you'll live in our hearts forever, Roman.


And if you're wondering why so many people in this show were from Veronica Mars, it's because it was written by VM creator Rob Thomas, as well as Paul Rudd, John Enbom and Dan Etheridge. Also, it was directed by Fred Savage. If you watch just one episode from this entire series, please, make it "Steve Guttenberg's Birthday," in which the Gutts convinces the caterers/actors to read and rewrite Roman's scifi script.