Patagonia Down Sweater Special Edition Winter Jacket

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Patagonia's Down Sweater is the classic jacket for the cold and dry climate. In Fall comes the special edition with ripstop, water-resistant, nylon half the weight and twice as strong as previous. It's so thin, feathers show through the shell.


The result of the nylon being lighter brings the total weight of the jacket from 12 ounces to 9 ounces. I'm curious how much lighter these jackets can get without being made of NASA aerogel. And when synthetic fillers will outpace down for performance. Seems like a fine piece of gear, for those who need the extra warmth. (I generally prefer man made filler and more breathable mid layers to deal with perspiration.)

[Patagonia (Although the neat jacket won't be out til Fall)]



Feathers??? Ugh.