Patrick Stewart plays the Sinbad of the future — plus cutie-pie tentacle-arm gals!

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Do not miss the first glimpses of Sir Patrick Stewart as the future version of Sinbad. Sadly, it doesn't have a track-suited stand-up comic, but it does have a cyclops! Plus, Mutant Girls Squad is back with tentacle arms ladies.


Sinbad The Fifth Voyage

Princess Parisa has been captured, in space? We think. Somehow Patrick Stewart got involved in the space re-telling of the story of Sinbad. This is merely a teaser trailer, but hell, we could listen to Stewart read the phone book.

The official HD trailer for the upcoming "Sinbad The Fifth Voyage" live action film coming soon. Sinbad The Fifth Voyage (copyright Giant Flick Films LLC) is based on the character: Sinbad The Sailor. Follow Sinbad as he embarks on his fifth voyage to save Princess Parisa from an evil sorcerer. The film is inspired by the works of Ray Harryhausen and the epic films of yesteryear. Some of the talented artist involved are Sir Patrick Stewart (X-men, X-Men 2, Dune, Star Trek) and "Sinbad" is portrayed by up and coming Persian-American actor Shahin Sean Solimon (Djinn) along with a few other talented artists.

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Quiet Earth has found another trailer for this Mexican series Genesis, which we've been waiting to find more information on. The film follows a small team, Owal Tec, as they investigate strange paranormal happenings around Mexico.

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Yoshie Zero

We never tire of the Mutant Girls Squad! According to Twitch, there is a little prequel of the MGS character Yoshie Zero on the MGS DVD. Check out the trailer, these girls are so adorable!

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The Bunker

Jean Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro's short Le Bunker is making the internet rounds. And while it's a pretty long short (25 minutes), we implore you to check out the earlier work from the Delicatessen duo. It takes place in a supposedly post-apocalyptic world, but it's really up to the audience.



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