Patty Jenkins Has Finally Closed a Deal to Direct Wonder Woman 2

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It has taken a surprisingly long time for Warner Bros. to finalize a deal for Patty Jenkins to come back and direct a second Wonder Woman movie. While that means Warner Bros. didn’t lock her down for a sequel beforehand, it hopefully means Jenkins was able to get a better deal.

However, we don’t actually know the exact details since Variety, which broke the news, simply says is that the deal is final. It’s not a huge shock, since the studio and the director have been in negotiations for a while and Jenkins has been very vocal about her plans for the future.

Jenkins’ Wonder Woman was the DC Extended Universe’s first unqualified success, managing to both make money and do well critically. It would have been shocking if Jenkins hadn’t been asked to return, especially since bringing a new director on for a movie with a December 13, 2019 release date would be a folly. We can now all heave a sigh of relief that this deal is finally, finally done.