PC-In-A-Vase Was Created by a Real Company, Not a Dodgy Hacker

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We see PC guts stuffed into vessels not normally associated with technology all the time, but they're always the product of a bored hacker, tinkering away in his free time. This PC-in-a-vase, however, was designed by ECS, a little-known but assuredly real company.


It's actually not a bad little system for a low-powered (some would say under-powered) home theater PC. It's got the Atom 230 system, a 2.5-inch HDD of unspecified capacity, a Blu-Ray drive, 1GB of RAM and HDMI out, all in one diminutive, delicate package. If you've got the kind of living room where a vase would seem less out of place than a HTPC (that excludes mine), it's a pretty cool idea. No word on price or availability, as it's probably just a proof of concept. [via Engadget]