pCubee Interactive Display Puts 3D In Three Dimensions

Now this is 3D. Engineers at the Human Communications Technology Lab at the University of British Columbia have devised pCubee, a "personal cubic display" that adjusts 3D images based on your position, and allows you to interact with them. Woah.

pCubee's a research project at the moment, so you can't rush out and buy one, but based on the demonstration above it seems ready for prime time. The box has five display panels, each of which shows a different perspective of a 3D image. By rotating the box, you can see above, behind, or to the side of whatever's being shown, and even interact with the image via stylus. The effect is achieved through a combination of motion detection and perspective-corrected images.


Even if pCubee specifically isn't the future of 3D, it's a terrific reminder of the (glasses-free, among other things) potential the technology has. Now we just need to unlock it. [HCT Lab via Dvice]

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